CBS and NBC now back on GoogleTV?

October 22, 2010, 1:26 PM UTC

It appears that the networks are letting some content through to GoogleTV users.

Yesterday, GoogleTV users were greeted with messages that ABC, CBS and NBC would not work.  This morning however, I had a look around and was able to watch an episode of 30 Rock on NBC as well as a few minutes of Talk (my threshold, not GoogleTV) and Medium on CBS.  Disney-owned ABC and Hulu are still blocked, however.

Google was said to be working out a deal with the networks last night.  Maybe NBC and CBS came to an understanding.  Fox continues to allow programming on GoogleTV.

The note on the Hulu homepage suggests that Google (GOOG) and Hulu are working out a deal to put Hulu Plus on GoogleTV as an App like Netflix (NFLX).  Hulu Plus is currently priced at $10/month and still has commercials in the programming but is rumored to be in negotiations with content partners to drop their rate to $5/month.

Earlier on, an easy hack was found to unblock Hulu for GoogleTV users, but Hulu now checks which version of Flash users have, which can’t be spoofed so easily.  Not that hackers won’t soon be able to spoof that as well.  30 Rock below: