Pre-Marketing 10.20.10

October 20, 2010, 2:54 PM UTC

* Julie Creswell: A hedge fund run by women (or so it claimed)

* Bloomberg: TARP was a better investment than buying 30-year Treasury bonds

* Paul Graham on the new startup funding landscape: “Till now, VCs’ claims about how much value they added were sort of like the government’s. Maybe they made you feel better, but you had no choice in the matter, if you needed money on the scale only VCs could supply. Now that VCs have competitors, that’s going to put a market price on the help they offer. The interesting thing is, no one knows yet what it will be.”

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higherLondon falls on oilEuropean shares climb and the Nikkei hits a 2-week low.

Pharma’s biggest flops

* Arthur Levitt blasts Dodd-Frank

* Economic literacy around the world

* Expect 6.1 trillion text messages to be sent this year

* From the Citi/EMI trial: The wit and wisdom of Judge Rakoff

* John Wasik: How my portfolio beat David Swensen’s portfolio

* Q&A with HuffingtonPost CEO Eric Hippeau, on Tina Brown, advertising and an eventual IPO

* NFL hypocrisy: Turns out the league is selling photos of those helmet-to-helmet hits it supposedly abhors.

* Super-angel Jeff Clavier talks startups with Howard Lindzon (whose own startup, StockTwits, just raised new venture capital).

* Tweet of the Day: @ceonyc If you pitch a VC w/ your dating site, I think you have to rig it so that the investor automatically gets overwhelmed w/ messages…