Pre-Marketing 10.7.10

October 7, 2010, 3:31 PM UTC

* Banks are beginning to lend again (for real this time)

* What Mark Zuckerberg thought of The Social Network

* Roger Ehrenberg: The VC market is an adaptive system

* Felix Salmon: The increasingly desperate tactics of for-profit colleges

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London falls early, European shares climb and the Nikkei slides.

* David Carr: Tales of a bankrupt culture at Tribune

* The cause of death for Merrill Lynch? Goldman envy

* Chinese premier Wen Jiabao: Leave us alone on currency rates

* Chipmaker AMD (AMD) isn’t for sale. Well, unless it’s a really good offer.

* Seems that Lybia has a lot of power over URL shorteners using the .ly suffix (, etc)

* Tim Geithner warns Europe to back off its proposed regulations of hedge and private equity funds

* Tweet of the Day: @ScottKirsner: We really don’t network enough here in BOS. 21 events happening today, including “Monsters of Pork”:

* Diana Furchtgott-Roth offers up a misguided argument that rising income inequality is a myth. For evidence, she points to consumer spending habits — claiming that it hasn’t changed much over 20 years between the top 20% haves and bottom 20% have-nots. First, this ignores how many of the other 60% are now closer to the have-nots. But, more importantly, it’s really an inadvertant argument against suppy-side taxation. If the wealthy aren’t spending more per capita, perhaps it actually indicates that taxes (higher or lower) doesn’t really impact their liklihood to go hog wild at the mall… 

* The greatest elevator pitch you’ve ever seen in your life: