Chrome explodes at the expense of IE

October 5, 2010, 3:21 PM UTC

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer dips below 50% of the browser market for the first time since the late 90s.

Google’s (GOOG) Chrome browser continues to increase its market share at an impressive rate, more than tripling from 3.69%  September 2009 to 11.54%  September  2010,  according to browser analytics firm Statcounter.

A year ago it was a three-horse race between Apple’s (AAPL) Safari, Opera and Google’s Chrome for third place behind Firefox and IE.  While Firefox and Safari have held mostly flat, IE and Chrome have exchanged almost 10% of the global browser market share over the past year.

“This is certainly a milestone in the Internet browser wars,” said StatCounter Chief Executive Aodhan Cullen. “Just two years ago IE dominated the worldwide market with 67%.”

Cullen cited the EU’s browser ballet as just one of the reasons for the decline in IE marketshare.  In Europe, IE represents just over 40% of the browser market, which is down six points on the year.

In North America, IE is still over half the browser market share at 52.3%

However, there is a wide variance in these  reports.  NetApplications this month showed almost a 60% share for IE.  That is still down significantly.

NetApplications Browser data

StatCounter counts their  Global Stats on the basis of more than 15 billion hits per month on 3 million+ member sites.

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Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Browser Falls Below 50% of Worldwide Market for First Time – StatCounter

BOSTON & DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) browser has fallen below 50% of the worldwide market for the first time according to StatCounter. The company’s research arm, StatCounter Global Stats finds that Microsoft IE fell to 49.87% in September followed by Firefox with 31.5%. Google’s Chrome continues to increase market share at an impressive rate and has more than tripled from 3.69% in September 2009 to 11.54% in September this year.

“This is certainly a milestone in the Internet browser wars,” commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter. “Just two years ago IE dominated the worldwide market with 67%.”

He added that Microsoft’s agreement with European Commission competition authorities to offer EU users a choice and menu of browsers from March may have tipped IE below 50% globally.

In Europe, IE market share has fallen to 40.26% in September this year from 46.44% in September last year. In North America IE is still above 50% at 52.3% followed by Firefox at 27.21% and Chrome at 9.87%.

The rise of Google Chrome in North America has also been impressive and in June it overtook Safari for the first time.

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