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Samsung to double Android’s global footprint with iPad processor phone

According to a report today, Samsung’s Galaxy S Android phone (with essentially an iPad processor) will be available in 110 countries.  That’s blows away Google’s current tally of 48 countries.

Credit: Korea Times

The Korea Times reports that the Samsung’s Galaxy S Android phone will launch in an incredible 110 countries.   They also report that “the best smartphone that Samsung has made so far” will released  “over the world at the same time.”

At Google’s I/O event, Google said Android had reached  “28 OEMs, 48 countries, 59 carriers. …all in about 18 months.”

For you trivia buffs, the new Samsung Galaxy S will use essentially the same processor as the iPhone 4/HD and iPad, an (now Apple Owned) Intrinsity-built Hummingbird S5PC110.  The ARM Cortex A8 processor is built into Apple’s A4 SoC according to Wall St. Analyst Will Strauss, among others.  See detailed analysis here.

According to market analyst Will Strauss, there is no doubt “it’s only the Intrinsity folks who could have taken [the iPad’s ARM Cortex A8] up to a gigahertz. Period.” Strauss is referring to an X-ray examination of the A4 processor which revealed it was a Samsung-manufactured single core ARM Cortex A8 processor. According to Strauss, only Intrinsity could have achieved this for Apple. Now with confirmation of an Apple acquisition of the company, it seems almost certain.

Impressive video and Specs of the device below.


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