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AT&T and Android planning a WWDC spoiler?

It will be hard to top the iPhone 4G, but recent rumors suggest that AT&T might reveal its first real Android phones on or around Apple’s WWDC.

HTC Aria spyshot from keep pulling in photos of an as of yet unmentioned HTC device called the ‘Aria’ that is expected to be launched on AT&T’s network. They call it the ‘smallest Android device they’ve seen yet’.

The date of release?  Next week on June 7th.

That date sound familiar?

That’s when Apple (GOOG) CEO Steve Jobs will likely reveal the next generation iPhone 4/HD which has been making its way across the Internet over the past few months.

That’s not the only high-end Android device AT&T (T) plans to unveil next month if rumors are true.  There is also chatter about the Samsung i897 otherwise known as the Captivate and even Dell’s (DELL) Streak is rumored to be visiting AT&T’s network.

AT&T has the Android-powered Motorola (MOT) Backflip and has announced a Dell Aero but both could hardly be considered top of the line phones.  Why has AT&T waited until near Apple’s WWDC to unveil real Android phones?

Let the speculation begin:

(A Verizon (VZ)/Sprint (S) iPhone announcement tops my list but it is just as likely bad timing on AT&T’s part)