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AAPL’s best week of the year

This week’s $23.80 rise was one for the record books

Apple (AAPL) shares opened Monday at $247.03 and closed Friday at $270.83, a 9.63% increase from what was already its second-best opening day.

To find a better week for Apple shares, you have to go back more than a year — to April 3, 2009 — when the stock was trading just over $104 a share and managed to climb 10.98% in a week.

In fact, since Apple’s share price first hit three figures — in April 2007 — there have only been five weeks in which the stock rose more in percentage terms between Monday and Friday than it did last week, and in every other case it was recovering from a dip, not growing from strength.  (See below the fold).

For the record, Apple’s best week since it went public in 1984 was in August 1997. The stock opened at $19.19 on Monday Aug. 4 and closed the following Friday at $26.81 — a 39.7% increase.

Seems a long time ago.

Below: Apple’s five best weeks since the stock passed $100 a share.

Closing date Closing price % Rise
10/31/08 107.59 13.17%
11/28/08 92.67 13.11%
2/6/09 99.72 11.92%
4/3/09 115.99 10.98%
4/18/08 161.04 9.72%
4/23/10 270.83 9.63%

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