Fortune 500: a few surprises!

April 15, 2010, 8:35 PM UTC

Two surprising additions to the top 10 of the new Fortune 500, out today: Bank of America at No. 5 and JPMorgan Chase at No. 9.

That’s evidence that the financial crisis has made the big banks bigger–and amidst consolidation, the survivors mightier. Goldman Sachs , No. 39 measured by revenues, ranks sixth on the 500 in terms of profitability. Last year, Goldman earned a stunning $13.4 billion on $51.7 billion in revenues.

Ah, what a little government assistance can do. In fact, among the big banks, only Citigroup ,  No. 12 on the list, lost money last year.

What do PepsiCo , Kraft Foods , Yahoo and Xerox have in common? Women at the helm. To see the full lineup of female Fortune 500 CEOs–there are 15 on this year’s list–check out this gallery.