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1. Fix Greece. Nobody can have any fun until they break out the Ouzo. Perhaps Goldman Sachs can help, since they made so much money betting on the bazoukis to fail.

2. Pick up dry cleaning.

3. Get media to declare the recession is over. No, it’s not over, but if they say it is at least they’ll be doing something constructive.

4. Requisition dumpster. Clean out credenza.

5. Pay Federal income tax.

6. Pay NY State income tax.

7. Pay hefty NY City tax, with an additional hit for living in the city itself.

8. Pay NY City (State?) Commuter’s tax, even though I do not commute, since I live in the City (see #7).

9. Pay assorted taxes associated with running an unincorporated business (i.e. blog).

10. Get China to loosen restrictions on its currency.

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