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In Memory of September 11

by Walter E. Sellers

My dad, who is now 88, wrote this a couple of days after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Out of a clear, blue sky
clouds flouted here and there
Two beautiful towers stood tall
Facing the Statue of Liberty looking out to where.

To the world of immigrants
whom we welcomed for years
by the millions, they entered with hearts of hope,
and many with joy and tears.

Is it possible the sight we see
first, one plane and then another
on a day of beauty and peace
crashing into the land of the free.

With the force and fury of a living hell,
screams of pain and terror fill the air,
drowned out by the cacophony of fire, explosions,
so many wails of agony, more than the heart could bear.

Finally, there is the horrible sight,
the buildings are collapsing,
a man and woman jump from a top floor,
plunging to earth, hands held tight.

Thousands in the buildings,
with police and fireman below,
suffer the hell of roaring flames and crashing steel,
all fighting for life, helping each other but many never to know.

To know with their sacrifice, they have united our country,
like never in the past,
joining our hearts and souls to go forward,
to lift our flag high, not at half mast.

Are we wrong in our welcome to all who arrive,
regardless of race or creed?
We always believed so
and still kept our freedom alive.

Now, we wonder why. We pray to God above
that our country be blessed, terror of the world removed,
peace restored to the world,
and the country we love.

God Bless America and the world.