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“All content consumed will be digital…social…and interactive.”

– Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, predicting the death of print yesterday at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. After Ballmer, in a talk to 1,000 or so ad and media folks, floated this prediction about the world within 10 years, I interviewed him on stage. Stay tuned to Postcards these next few days. I’ll share some of what the always boisterous Ballmer said, about Bing and Yahoo  and Google and more.

Turns out, we had so much ground to cover yesterday that I didn’t get to ask him if he means, by his prediction, that magazines and newspapers won’t exist on paper in 2019. Does Ballmer really think that my company, Time Inc. , won’t be printing anything on paper a decade from now?

The man answers. Here I am, back in New York and sitting in my living room, taking in the news about Michael Jackson’s death. An email from Ballmer popped in moments ago: “I really really think print goes away.” Well, good for Microsoft, I guess. For us journalists, more pressure to adapt.