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Version 3.0 of Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone software was due at 1 p.m. EDT Wednesday, and as of this writing is now officially late.

How do I know? Not by monitoring Apple’s Singapore and Hong Kong websites and calculating the time zone differences. I’ll leave that to the time travelers at Engadget.

No, I know it’s late because at precisely 1:01 p.m. Walt Mossberg’s review landed in my e-mail inbox.

Mossberg, for those who aren’t familiar with the tech press pecking order, is the top tech dog at the Wall Street Journal who, as near as I can tell, gets the first crack at every product Apple makes. And he’s also a consummate professional who knows how to honor an embargo. So if he released his review of iPhone 3.0 (and, for good measure, the new iPhone 3GS) time stamped 1:01 p.m., that’s when it was supposed to come out.

If you’re still waiting for your copy, you can monitor Apple’s website here. Or you can just read Walt’s review.

UPDATE: iPhone 3.0 has arrived. Get it here.

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