What’s on your iPhone 3.0 wish list?

March 12, 2009, 6:37 PM UTC

UPDATE: Did your wish come true? See our report on iPhone 3.0 special event here or follow our link to the video here.

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No sooner had Apple (AAPL) e-mailed invitations to an iPhone 3.0 “sneak peak” on March 17 than Apple watchers — and iPhone owners — began speculating about what that new operating system might do for them.

Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster expects “significant new features,” including, perhaps, universal search capability and possibly a redesigned user interface.

Silicon Alley Insider’s Eric Krangel has four items on his wish list:

  • Copy / paste support
  • Email search
  • Google (GOOG) Latitude
  • Background notifications

The Boy Genius says he knows of at least two items iPhone 3.0 will deliver:

  • MMS [multimedia messaging service)
  • Tethering via Bluetooth and USB

Apple Insider’s Slash Lane notes that two features promised early on — and not yet delivered — are push notification for third-party apps and support for turn-by-turn navigation. Also on his wish list: a dashboard-like layer of user-creatable widgets that would allow users without programming skills to build their own apps. (link)

What would you like to see in iPhone 3.0?