PR Kudos of the day… (First of a series)

June 19, 2008, 3:03 PM UTC

The award goes to the communications executives for the oil industry both here and abroad, reeling from the common perception that their rapacious greed is destroying our way of life.

Nevertheless, there is a brilliant graphic in today’s USA TODAY Snapshots, which outlines the fact that oil is “cheaper than other liquids.”

Pictured in this marvel of positioning spin are milk, trading at just a bit above the cost of a barrel of light, sweet crude, Tropicana orange juice, even sweeter and lighter at $226 per barrel, and Jack Daniel’s whiskey, which would cost you nearly $75,000 if you filled up your SUV with it.

What a bargain, then, is our current barrel of oil! Let’s bid it up a couple dollars more where it belongs! And how fortunate are we to get it at its current price! Oh benevolent oil companies who still charge so little for it!

Good work, PR guys. Seriously. Nice to see some clean spin punch through the journalistic veil for a change.

Come to think of it, doesn’t it always?