Apple Store under Louvre’s glass pyramid gets the green light

June 5, 2008, 7:54 PM UTC

Apple’s application to build a store in Paris – its first in France – has been approved, according to the French financial daily La Tribune. The location: the Carrousel du Louvre, prime retail space under the pyramid that dominates Napoleon’s courtyard at the museum’s grand entrance.

According to La Tribune’s brief report, Apple (AAPL) has drawn up plans to build a two-story, 715 square meter store in space previously occupied by two shops – Résonances and Lalique. Among its new commercial neighbors: Sephora, Esprit and a Virgin Megastore.

ifoAppleStore, which watches Apple’s retail activities more closely than a security guard, adds this:

The mall hosts 9 million visitors a year, of which at least 40 percent are tourists. In an unusual move, the store was officially acknowledged by Jasmine Khounnala, Apple’s Paris-based public relations manager, who said, ”We are thrilled that our opening project of an Apple Store in the Carrousel du Louvre has been approved by the (local planning commission).” She added that Apple is “delighted” to offer Paris the experience of Apple retail stores, just as in other countries. (link, with diagram)

Of course, construction does not necessarily follow approval, but I.M Pei’s glass pyramid would complement nicely Apple’s glass cube on Manhattan’s Fifth Ave.