Poor managers stuck ‘seeing’ Gen Y

June 3, 2008, 4:43 PM UTC

Quote of the week: “My managers always liked me — because they never had to see me.” Hah! Just had to share that bit of straight-faced wisdom from an otherwise wonderful Boomer manager, as I was sitting in his office when he dropped it on me. And they wonder why we’re always calling our parents; clearly, no one else will talk to us! Kidding, kidding, but thought you guys would enjoy that. I’ll refrain from further overanalysis, but needless to say, he busted up laughing when I offered to leave: “Oh, no, I mean, um, I love to chat, I’m just saying, my managers didn’t have to worry about me.” Uh-huh.

What about your bosses? Laid any hilarious words to the wise on you lately?