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3G iPhone rumor roundup: 62 days, $399, 9.1mm

Another week, another flurry of 3G iPhone rumors. Here’s a roundup of the current batch:

  • Price: $399 for 8GB, $499 for 16GB, possibly $599 for 32GB (TGDaily, citing “industry sources”)
  • Timing: Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference, presumably on June 10, during Steve Jobs’ keynote address. (ditto)
  • Body: Less “plasticky,” 2.5mm thinner (current dimensions are 115 x 61 x 11.6mm). (ditto)
  • Accelerometer: Re-tuned. (ditto)
  • Bandwidth: Up to 7.2 Mbps from Infineon (IFX) S-GOLD3H chipset (ZiPhone, see here)
  • Camera: Higher res (3 megapixel) (Silicon Alley Insider, citing “a friend of a friend” who claims to be a beta tester)
  • Video: Video recording capability, upload directly to YouTube (ditto)
  • Bluetooth: Stereo headphones (IPhone Hellas, from references in the SDK code)
  • GPS: To replace triangulation (ditto)
  • Added to apps: Contact searching, meeting invites (Engadget SDK screenshots)
  • Available unlocked: In Australia, starting last week of June. (MacTalk, citing Apple resellers)

Apple (AAPL), of course, will confirm none of this. Take it for what it’s worth.