Too assertive

May 30, 2007, 7:52 PM UTC

A reader in Ohio writes:

First off, I was up for promotion to be the Executive Admin. Assist. to the VP/GM. That is until they told me I wasn’t assertive enough and I didn’t have enough experience. (8 years isn’t enough?!?) So they hired this broad that was so assertive she was on the line of being a B!$ch. When she asks you a question, you never get to answer. She talks right over you and keeps telling you about how things were at her old job. She is the most scattered brained, nonprofessional person I’ve ever had to work for. She is supposed to have a lot of experience in this role, however, she can’t seem to do anything on her own and after six months she still doesn’t even know the names of the office staff. She dresses like a fool, acts like an even bigger one, and is almost 16 years old than I. She has taught me nothing, except how NOT to act. This morning she licked the whole side of her coffee cup because it was dripping: in the lobby of all places!! Wow! Don’t you want her working for you? It seems that I am venting, however, I enjoyed typing this all too much!

What do you think? Is this boss crazy?