The silent treatment

May 30, 2007, 8:15 PM UTC

A reader from New York writes:

I worked for a crazy boss . There was just the two of us, and he hadn’t said a word to me in several days. I made some attempt to find out why he was not speaking to me. There was no response, so I repeated myself. This offended him to the point of frenzy, loudly dissing me by saying that he was the boss and he didn’t have to talk to a worker. I countered by becoming silent and aloof for at least a day, when suddenly he appeared in my office doorway. He exclaimed in a miserable voice, that the good die young, and he had just received a phone call that his best friend was dead. I was mute. The next morning, I put my keys on his desk, and walked out.

What do you think? Is this boss crazy?