the martyr

May 30, 2007, 7:50 PM UTC

A reader from Illinois writes:

Let me see..first off, female,,, loves to be the martyr,,, and is always changing her story. Work for a small business which requires office work completed, grounds keeping, sewer plant operations, water testing, and overall general maintenance. Water and Sewer are covered, but the maintenance is not…. I have begged for a full time maintenance man to be hired via an ad in the paper…. By the way… I am office/slash groundskeeping and have been working for this business for the past 6 years. There is not ever a full time maint man hired so the boss can constantly complain and say over and over….. She is the one holding the business together as she hires out small jobs to be done, and either they are not experienced and do not do the jobs properly,, or they are no shows,,,, Now….. the owner of the business is in Chicago and the only one to have any contact with him is Her,,, and no one else,,,,, She tells him on the phone,,, how stressed she is,,, and how much she needs help,,,, so he sends down help from Chicago,, and when they get down to the business,,,,, there is not ever anything to do,,,,, This goes on like this forever and forever and it never changes,,,,, It is a nightmare…… This woman is 69,,, forgetful,,, and changes her story every other day,, but has a “boss” complex,,,, and the business is going into the sh***er but no one can see it,,,, I am so frustrated, not knowing whether to quit.

What do you think? Is this boss crazy?