Sour personality

May 30, 2007, 8:05 PM UTC

A reader from North Carolina writes:

My boss is totally by-the-book when it comes to his job. Thus, he expresses himself ninety eight percent of the time as a total jerk. He will stop at nothing or run over whom is in his way to accomplish his mission(s). When you work with him you can tell he must hate life. I have never encountered such a sour personality. It’s one thing to not like your job but my boss plainly dislikes everything. He hardly smiles unless he is dishing out criticism or punishment. For those in the office whom have dared go against him, they have quickly experienced how cruel he can be. If you are on his bad side you will get a bad schedule and I have even heard him bad mouth that employee to his one close friend. His one and only loyal “sidekick” is a true you know what kisser if I have ever seen one. This girl would walk through fire for him. He took her from just a plain hourly associate and gracefully took her under his wing into management. Everybody at the office thinks it’s sickening to say the least. She’s the only person at work that seems to do no wrong in his eyes. Little that he knows is that the word around the office is his “sidekick” tries to sleep around with others at work a lot. She has even propositioned me and a few of the people I work with for a little “fun.” Hopefully the day will come when they move on to another place.

What do you think? Is this boss crazy?