Off his rocker

May 30, 2007, 8:18 PM UTC

A reader from Spokane writes:

When our new boss came in the door everyone in the office was excited… he was young, fresh, and seemed like he had good ideas. It didn’t take long before we all realized he was totally off his rocker. He was verbally abusive, highly disorganized, didn’t communicate with the people in his department and was mistrusting. He was totally underqualifed to be in his job. And on top of that he had horrible gas! He became the laughing stock of the entire building because you couldn’t get within 30 feet of his office without being knocked over by the stench! Had he been a nice guy that treated his employees with respect we wouldn’t have given him such a hard time. But in times when co-workers are dealing with a horrible boss… you have to band together in anyway you can.

What do you think? Is this boss crazy?