Mind games

May 30, 2007, 8:08 PM UTC

A reader in Louisiana writes:

Oh yes, crazy bosses. And I’ve seemingly got one who has evolved in my workplace, where I’ve worked for 30-plus years, but must deal with a “superior” who has been there no more than five years and seemingly takes the liberty sometimes to make me feel as if I’ve just started working at the same place. Okay, maybe I need to work on my own self-pride of feeling that I can do the very job that I’ve done for so long and still try and do with the efficiency and newness of a first-year employee. But the “boss” I’m referring to in this case has some past expertise in my same area and I honestly feel that maybe he would love to be doing the same thing I am. In that way, I honestly feel bad for him. But we’ve had some differences and I’ve noticed since then that he’s taken the opportunity to play major “mind” games with me, saying he’s backing me totally, on my side, etc. When, less than five hours later, he may be raving bad about something. Honestly, I cannot figure this guy out. One day, he’s all lovey-dovey and nice, the next a raging maniac. Other co-workers have said the same thing. Initially, he and I got along, but the relationship has slowly dissipated into a sometimes light version of Holyfield-Tyson. I have to work on my own feelings and emotions because I’ve let a lot of what he’s said and done get to me and have reacted in the wrong way, but I just cannot help it. He’s one of those individuals who can totally sap every ounce of sensibility and reasoning that you have. But again, maybe I’ve let him do that and that’s my own fault. Help me, somebody. Please. I love my job, but I am really getting tired of the things he’s done.

What do you think? Is this boss crazy?