Kafka-esque boss

May 30, 2007, 8:11 PM UTC

A reader from New Jersey writes:

A year ago I made it to the finish line of my working career and retired. Eight years before the finish line I got a new boss and it was a nightmare from that day on. It would take an Orwell or a Kafka to describe it so I won’t even try. I survived this individual and kept my sanity by composing letters of resignation which I never sent. One read as follows:

Frequently, when people in high places resign their positions, we are told, innocuously, they are leaving “to pursue other interests.” But, as people realize, this worn cliché is often nothing more than a thin veil of political correctness draped over irreconcilable differences with a superior. In each case where this is so I’m sure a scathing tell-all could be written, recounting the teeth-gnashing experience and lip-biting toleration of these differences, were it not for a desire to just put it all behind and get on with life. Instead, people in such circumstances will take what solace they can from their faith that the mind’s eye of the public sees through this veil the reality of a superior and subordinate who are not merely poles apart but from different universes. In this spirit, I am writing to advise you of my resignation from the Company, effective two weeks from today, in order to pursue other interests.

What do you think? Is this boss crazy?