In praise of the evening news

May 30, 2007, 10:05 PM UTC

CBS (CBS) CEO Leslie Moonves made an interesting, if unorginal, observation Wednesday morning at the Wall Street Journal‘s D conference: 23 million people watch the evening news every night, including the audience on his company’s third-rated network. Walt Mossberg had just made the point that even news junkies like himself don’t watch the evening news anymore because by the time they get home they already know what happened that day.

I disagree. I record NBC’s version every day on my Tivo (TIVO), and I truly enjoy it. I’m a news junkie, I read three papers every morning, I scan headlines and my e-mail all day. And still, on many days I’m simply too busy to keep up with what happened that day. I like a well-produced, entertaining, focused presentation of the news. I also like to see the images that I don’t get to see during the day and without having to scan and click. Sure, I could do without some of the fluff, but I can fast-forward through what I don’t want to see. My point is that there’s still plenty of call for the evening news. I suspect that most people who work for a living also miss a thing or two during the course of the day. Am I just completely old-fashioned on this?

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