Brings religon to work

May 30, 2007, 7:53 PM UTC

A reader from Michigan writes:

What about the boss who brings his religion to work? I had 3 years of horror working for this guy. Personally, I am the type of employee that thinks and works outside the box–cliché. I am artistic, well read, and try to keep an open mind on all topics from what I read in the paper to how the company was run. This boss felt that the employee handbook was written by god himself and if you strayed from the handbook you would get lectured by a good ol boy Christian who felt he was the moral pulse for everyone. He once told me how homosexuals would lead to pedophilism–I stated “what” and laughed, he didn’t think it was funny and was totally serious.

He felt that drinking was a “godless” action that deserved a trip to hell no less and would smell your breath after lunch. He also stated that if I had one beer at lunch I would be drunk and be sent home without pay. I always had one beer at lunch everyday just to spite him. Every time he would threaten me with time off because he could smell beer on my breath I would say only after he schedules a sobriety test. I always won that battle. His Christian views and methods carried over in his work and I finally could tolerate no more. The last straw was when he sat me down and told me all he wanted was for me to “Come around” to god’s way of thinking. That might have worked but me being an atheist kind of put the staff in the wine so to speak. I don’t care if you’re , Christian, Buddha, Muslim–whatever, just leave it at home because this country is not a Christian country or a Buddhist country, its a country of Americans who live, work, and worship anyway they want and to bring it into the workplace is nothing more than criminal in my opinion. Wait, I think it is criminal but you think anyone does anything about it…no. Being a secular atheist I am almost always the target of people being prejidest against me because I don’t believe in god. It can be worse at work. I often have to hide my views and listen to superstitious people go on at work how their Christian upbringing will save the world and how much love there is when you take god in as your savior–bullshit I say.

What do you think? Is this boss crazy?