Something Really Intere**ing

May 3, 2007, 3:02 AM UTC

A lot of you are writing in every day about your jobs, within the whole bulls**t jobs context. What’s kind of fascinating to me are the number of people who have lobbed mortar back defending their jobs. If you look at the chronicle unfolding, you will see a whole bunch of people who love their jobs. Here’s my favorite so far:

“I’m a health inspector in New Hampshire too and agree with the Nashua post. It can be amazingly challenging upholding the food code and litter violations in cities. I enjoy the work I do and would never classify it as a bulls**t job. I work a full 8 hours every day, sometimes at odd hours for late or early hour establishments, sometimes overtime for health emergencies, and work on the weekends occasionally for temporary food events. Where I work, the health inspector also deals with routine food sampling, litter, water testing for public beaches and pools, mosquito control, septic systems, health nuisances, insanitary living conditions, and the most random/strange health questions or situations daily. All of us need a bachelor degree in science and are required to be ServSafe, a Certified Pool Operator, and expected to continue our education while we work. No small feat! I guess it depends on the health department you land in or the area you work in – I realize it can vary on the requirements of the job but it certainly isn’t bulls**t here! From all the work we do, I can honestly say that we get little credit from the public for it.”

See? There are things in the world that are NOT bulls**t. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s good to know. Scroll down after you click on the link and you’ll see.