Open For Business

April 17, 2007, 7:23 PM UTC

This is my first posting in this brand-new blog. Hello. Is anybody out there?

As any horny teenager will tell you, first times are strange even for those who have been looking forward to something, and this blog is no exception. Although I’ve been writing about business and working for a living for a long time, I have never blogged, never contemplated blogging, was content to be outside the blogosphere in my late 20th century ivory tower. Now that’s all changed. Hence this blog.

Blogging is different than writing qua writing. In writing, for instance, you often need something to say. Not so with a blog. In fact, the best blogs are lovely hot air balloons rising over the teeming landscape of digital avatars rushing about, to and fro, waving their arms and shouting. In writing, likewise, you think about things for a while, nurse your anger or befuddlement or amusement or working idea, then set it down over a certain period of time and tend it while it’s edited, put into production, and sent out into the world to meet its ultimate fate. Not so blogs.

First, there’s the thinking part. To a greater or lesser degree, it’s unnecessary and generally inconvenient to think too much for your blog. I don’t plan to. On the other hand, anger and an overall sense of outrage seem absolutely indispensible for a self-respecting blog. I have always been a very angry person, and my writing has been a way of expiating that anger and resentment. Up until now, I have been forced to space out my bile over a period of time. For FORTUNE, for instance, I can only get terminally peeved once every two weeks. My books, which you will see featured as ongoing objects for discussion in this space, require me to remain annoyed for months, sometimes years.

The blog, contrariwise, is a perfect way for me to express irritation whenever I feel it, unmodulated by other people’s opinions or the leavening of time. I think that will be a good thing for me. I look forward to that.

My plan is to talk about anything that’s interesting that’s happening in the world of business, about developments in the workplace, and in the environment in which we are required to operate every day. I would also like to narcissistically aerate my pet peeves, help my friends, gore my enemies, that kind of thing.

Like many members of the digital ecosystem, I will also point you to links that I think you will enjoy because I believe they are important to your professional life. Here, for instance, is one I believe is absolutely indispensible at this time:


O brave new world that has such chickens in it!

See you later.