Fortune Magazine Masthead: January 1970 (Vol. 81, No. 1)

January 1, 1970, 6:00 AM UTC
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Time Inc.

Editor-in-Chief Hedley Donovan

Chairman of the Board Andrew Heiskell

President James R. Shepley

Chairman, Executive Committee James A. Linen

Senior Staff Editor Daniel Seligman

Vice Chairman Roy E. Larsen


Publisher Putney Westerfield

Advertising Director Edward P. Lenahan

General Manager Seymour Robinson

Assistant Publisher Brooke Alexander

Circulation Director Fredrick L. Emery

Managing Editor Louis Banks

Assistant Managing Editors Robert Lubar, William Bowen, Walter Guzzardi Jr.

Art Director Walter Allner

Board of Editors Gilbert Burck, Edmund K. Faltermayer, Mary E. Johnston, Lawrence Lessing, Carol Junge Loomis, John McDonald, Walter McQuade, John M. Mecklin, Sanford S. Parker, Philip Siekman (European editor), Charles E. Silberman (on leave), Max Ways, T. A. Wise (on leave)

Associate Editors Tom Alexander, Richard Armstrong, Marion Buhagiar, Charles Burck, Gene Bylinsky, Juan Cameron (Washington editor), Eleanore Carruth, Dan Cordtz, Allan T. Demaree, Robert S. Diamond, Judson Gooding, Mary Grace, Ernest Holsendolph, Anthony F.W. Liversidge, Arthur M. Louis, Rush Loving Jr., Jeremy Main, Todd May Jr., Lawrence A. Mayer, Harold B. Meyers, Thomas O’Hanlon, A. James Reichley (on leave), Radivoj Ristic, Wyndham Robertson, Sanford Rose, William Simon Rukeyser, Eleanor Johnson Tracy

Research Associates Lucie Adam, Evelyn Benjamin, Beth Bogie, Lorraine Carson, Jane A. Cooney, Jo Degener, Betty Fullen, Catherine Comes Haight, Ann Hengstenberg, Carol Higgins, Patricia Hough, Helen Howard, Dhun Irani, Marjorie Jack, Margaret Kennedy, Claudine Knight. Jeanne Krause, Patricia Langan, Lucretia McCalmont, Angela Rabbia, Edith Roper, Sharon Sabin, Ann Scott, Sally Shaver, Karin Tetlow, Ann Tyler, Marilyn Wellemeyer, Phyllis Winslow, Bernice Zimmerman

Art Staff Max Gschwind, Ronald N. Campbell (assistant directors), Alexander Semenoick (graphics), Bonita Bila, Suzanne Considine, Sue Ellen Jares, Vincent J. Loscalzo, Dan Mason, Jane Mull, Mary Riordan, Libby Watterson

Copy Readers Mary Grace (chief), Emily Mikszto

Production Staff Sidney Sklar (manager), Nathan Hayes

Editorial Services Paul Welch (director), Robert W. Boyd Jr., Peter Draz, Margaret T. Fischer, George Karas, Doris O’Neil, Frederick L. Redpath

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