Notifications in Apple iOS 8.
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September 23, 2014

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By Laura Stampler, TIME

Apple users might want to think again if they haven’t already downloaded the iOS 8 upgrade.

People have taken to Twitter and Apple forums to complain that their phones have been experiencing sluggish Wi-Fi and dwindling battery life, post-update.

If this is proof of a genuine issue with the latest iteration of Apple’s operating system, it would be ironic considering that the update boasts features that identify apps that are the biggest battery sucks.

Apple (AAPL) did not reply immediately for comment. But here are some disappointed Apple users airing their gripes on Twitter:

@FintyWizard I’ve been having some wifi issues with iOS 8. Have needed to power cycle the phone to get wifi back.

— Luke Dickinson (@Dominitus) September 23, 2014

GAH. Is anyone else having problems with wifi dropping out with iOS 8? The unupdated iPad is fine, the iPhone is not.

— boredjessica (@boredjessica) September 23, 2014

anyone experiencing problems with iOS 8, with slow app loading and poor battery life. Very frustrating :(

— North Harrow No.6557 (@HarrowFreemason) September 23, 2014

So…. iOS 8 is a huge battery suck.

— Tim White (@white_tim) September 23, 2014

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