Source: iBillionaire
By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
August 21, 2014

Apple is once again the No. 1 security held by iBillionaire Index’s roster of 21 billionaire investors. The top three Apple investors on the list, however, don’t quite see eye-to-eye.

Carl Icahn (net worth: $14.8 billion) is buying Apple, David Einhorn ($1.1 billion) is selling and David Tepper ($5.1 billion) is standing more or less pat — or at least that’s what they were doing last quarter.

The iBillionaire Index, which has a sharp new YouTube ad (see below), offers investors a 30-stock portfolio designed to mirror the investment strategies of those billionaires. It has been licensed to Direxion Investments for the iBillionaire Index ETF.

The fund opened last November, having begun life as an iOS app (iBillionaire) and website (

So far the index is up 17.6%. The attached chart shows its performance against the S&P 500 since Nov. 1. (click to enlarge)

The catch is that when events unfold quickly iBillionaire will always be a beat behind the real billionaires.

That YouTube ad:

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