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Out of the Office: Satisfying Our Sweet Tooth at Dylan's Candy Bar

August 13, 2019 00:00 AM UTC
- Updated September 02, 2020 11:31 AM UTC

Founder Dylan Lauren on candy, cavities, and her famous father.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Whether it's chocolate, caramel, or gummies, everybody loves candy. So we are stepping out of the office and into Dylan's Candy Bar to talk with CEO and founder Dylan Lauren about how her sweet tooth got her into the candy business. [MUSIC PLAYING] So tell us where we are. We are at Dylan's Candy Bar, our flagship in New York City on 60th Street and Third Avenue. Tell us what the inspiration is behind this. I grew up watching "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," and I loved candy in my travels around the world, but couldn't find good candy in any of the stores. And also I just wanted to create the world's largest candy store that was like real retail-tainment, because most candy stores are just slat, wall, and bins. So this is really over the top. Your dad is fashion designer Ralph Lauren. What advice did he give you about running a business? Just watching him be an entrepreneur and grow a lifestyle brand, following his gut, it made me feel like I could follow my gut and believe that my crazy idea of this world's largest candy store was possible and that people would like it. And I just really believed in the concept. And like my father, he's grown a tie to a lifestyle brand, and I hope to do the same with candy. [MUSIC PLAYING] What is your favorite candy? Oh man. I like so many different candies. I've tried over 7,000 types that are in this store. And it changes seasonally. But I like the basic red gummy things-- Swedish fish, red gumballs. So with all this candy around, have you ever had a cavity? I have, but my dentist says that anything causes cavities. As long as you brush your teeth, you're fine. Well, I am going to dig in, so thank you. All right. Enjoy. [MUSIC PLAYING]