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Most Powerful Women 2021: Julie Sweet

October 04, 2021 00:00 AM UTC
- Updated October 04, 2021 09:30 AM UTC

The CEO of Accenture kept her firm humming during the pandemic.

Oh, for me, my career is very much about what is the role where I can make the biggest impact. And I really felt that a ceo that was the opportunity to impact the greatest number of people by leading a great company focused on people community and clients julie sweet. The Ceo of a century is number three on the list. This year, a center had a very strong year. They are perhaps best known for helping big Fortune 500 companies digitize uh, something that's become really, really essential during the pandemic. And during a time when so many companies are trying to figure out how to make that transition really quickly. The center is also a company that's made its shareholders very happy. Uh, it's market cap is many, many multiples of its actual revenues. And you know, for the size of the company itself, it is pretty remarkable number.