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Mark Dybul predicts vaccine resistant variant to come

November 16, 2021 00:00 AM UTC
- Updated November 16, 2021 19:43 PM UTC

“The probability of us seeing a vaccine resistant strain is very high,” says Dybul.

what we're seeing is waning immunity. So there's no question that vaccine and people are doing better than unvaccinated people especially including for hospitalization and death. But these are countries that are very high vaccination rates much higher than our vaccination rates. Um And we're still seeing hospitalization and death. They're not in a booster phase yet. We're getting two boosters so hopefully we will be able to catch up a little bit. But you know um we have been a month behind europe and Israel, northern, europe and Israel this entire pandemic. So especially with thanksgiving coming by a month from now we're quite likely to look like those countries how we react to it might be different but we're quite likely to look like those countries in terms of increased infections and a ticking up of hospitalization and death. Even among vaccinated people, all that would be better than pre vaccination of course. So basically we should all get a booster. Yes. Uh in my view. Absolutely. Now you can go get one. The FDA hasn't approved them yet. Um Fighter has submitted for uh boosting for everyone over 18 and I hope we get that approved. There's still some disagreement uh in the U. S. Government. Um Rochelle of CDCs publicly said she's not sure yet, Tony. Fauci said he's pretty sure Tony's my mentors and I trained under him so I tend to agree with him and but yes we the faster we get boosted the better off we'll be for the next couple of months. But what's really concerning is um And sadly most predictions like every prediction I've made has pretty much come true. I hope I'm wrong this time. But I I think by March april May we will have a fully vaccine resistant variants. Um There is simply no way you can have such low rates of vaccination around the world with vaccine, ping pong or virus, ping ponging between vaccine and unvaccinated people. It puts a lot of pressure on the virus. I mean immunologists, um the probability of us seeing a vaccine resistant strain is very high. Um and by March I think March april May um probably because we're going to have a big wave, we already have strains in latin America that are completely resistant to the chinese vaccine because they started with the chinese vaccine. Uh so and this is just how our immune systems work. Uh and the virus works now. Delta actually helped us a bit. The advantage of delta from uh variant perspective is that it replicates not the nose and mouth of vaccinated people. The viruses don't care if they kill you, They care if they can replicate and spread. Um and so the fact that it can do that vaccinated people has put less pressure in some ways on the virus to change because it doesn't need to because it can still spread, but eventually we're going to get to a variant that emerges that does get around the vaccine and is more transmissible