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Dr. Mo Ibrahim: The importance of Africa’s green economy

June 09, 2021 00:00 AM UTC
- Updated June 29, 2021 17:41 PM UTC

“Green fits very well with Africa. It will change people’s lives,” says Mo Ibrahim.

why should global companies invest in Africa right now? And where are the greatest opportunities? And I'm curious if there is a green element to this in your mind? Absolutely, because we need to recover not only sustainably and equitably, but also need to recover green. The green economy is going to generate more jobs for our people. And Africa is very suitable for for for for renewable energy. I mean we have so much fun and so much rural areas, rural area areas will be very suitable to supply power through independent uh power systems of grade because it's africa is used. You cannot just build a grid across africa. It is huge. What we need is to drop in. It's just like mobile radio, how we drop in capacity where people exist. That is the efficient economic way of doing it. So, green really fits very well with africa and it's gonna change people's lives, brings a lot of people into the production uh zone, uh people with education, health, It changes people's lives and we need, we need that. So the map is clear. What you need to do is very clear. And of course, we need better governance because better governance is also essential for investors.