Here are the youngest CEOs on the Fortune 500

May 24, 2022, 6:22 PM UTC

The average CEO of a Fortune 500 company is about 57 years old. But for the 10 youngest leaders on the list, age is just a number. A host of executives in their 30s and 40s have guided their companies to colossal success – most in under a decade at the helm. 

Below, we’ve tabulated the 10 youngest Fortune 500 CEOs, based on data from their companies and from S&P Global Market Intelligence, as of May 19. 

10. Matthew J. Meloy 

Age: 43

CEO Tenure: 2 years

Company: Targa Resources 

Fortune 500 Rank: #216

Revenue: $16.9 billion

Meloy became CEO of Targa Resources in March 2020, after nearly 15 years with the company, including eight years as chief financial officer and prior roles as vice president of finance, treasurer, and executive vice president.

9. Robert L. Reffkin

Age: 42

CEO tenure: 9 years

Company: Compass Real Estate

Fortune 500 Rank: #495

Revenue: $6.4 billion

Reffkin founded Compass, a real estate platform, in 2012, after working in banking at Goldman Sachs and Lazard and consulting at McKinsey. He took Compass from obscurity a decade ago to one of the largest-ever real-estate IPOs last year, and is one of six Black Fortune 500 CEOs – and the first-ever Black founder to make the list.

8. Sumit Singh

Sumit Singh
Courtesy of Chewy

Age: 42

CEO tenure: 4 years

Company: Chewy

Fortune 500 Rank: #394

Revenue: $8.9 billion

Singh was promoted from chief operating officer to CEO in March 2018, a year before he took the PetSmart subsidiary public, cementing the trajectory of what was at that time the largest-ever acquisition of an ecommerce business. He arrived at Chewy after nearly two decades in management at Dell and Amazon

7. Hassane S. El-Khoury 

Age: 41

CEO tenure: 1.5 years

Company: ON Semiconductor 

Fortune 500 Rank: #483

Revenue: $6.7 billion

El-Khoury was elected to lead onsemi in December 2020, after more than a decade at rival semiconductor firm Cypress, including a nearly five-year stint as Cypress CEO. El-Khoury immigrated from Lebanon to the U.S. at age 17. 

6. Bret Taylor

Age: 41

Co-CEO tenure: 6 months

Company: Salesforce

Fortune 500 Rank: #136

Revenue: $26.4 billion

Taylor joined Salesforce shortly after it acquired his company, Quip, in 2016, and was soon serving in senior executive roles, including consecutive two-year stints as chief product officer and chief operating officer. He’s been co-CEO with Marc Benioff since November 2021. 

5. Sarah M. London

Age: 41

CEO tenure: 2 months

Company: Centene

Fortune 500 Rank: #26

Revenue: $125.9 billion

London got the top job at Centene earlier this year, after 79-year-old Michael Neirdoff vacated the position for a medical leave of absence. Prior to her appointment, London was the vice chairman of Centene’s board of directors. She has a background in both healthcare and tech, including stints as Centene’s SVP of technology innovation and modernization and as chief product officer for Optum Analytics. 

4. Ernest C. Garcia III

Age: 40

CEO tenure: 11 years

Company: Carvana

Fortune 500 rank: 290

Revenue: $12.8 billion

Like many of the youngest CEOs on the list, Garcia is a founder, having cocreated the company  at age 30. He’s also chairman of Carvana’s board. Garcia’s father, Ernest Garcia II, is still Carvana’s largest shareholder, but also employed his son for over five years at his used-car retailing and financing firm, DriveTime.

3. Eric Wu

Age: 39

CEO tenure: 8 years

Company: Opendoor Technologies

Fortune 500 rank: #425

Revenue: $8 billion

When he was 31 years old in 2014, Wu co-founded Opendoor Technologies, one of the major “ibuyers,” or instant buyers of real estate across the country. He has said he spent his college years amassing a real-estate portfolio that, by the time he graduated from the University of Arizona in 2005, spanned about 25 properties. He’s currently worth $1.2 billion.

2. Brian Armstrong

Age: 39

CEO tenure: 10 years

Company: Coinbase Global

Fortune 500 Rank: #437

Revenue: $7.8 billion

Armstrong founded Coinbase in June 2012, which has grown to become one of the largest exchanges in the cryptocurrency space with a disclosed user base of about 98 million verified accounts. He says the idea for the company came to him in his late 20s when he was a technical product manager at Airbnb and noticing how difficult it could be to send money internationally.

1. Mark Zuckerberg

Age: 37

CEO tenure: 18 years

Company: Meta Platforms

Fortune 500 rank: #27

Revenue: $117.9 billion

Zuckerberg is the youngest Fortune 500 CEO. The story of how he developed “The Facebook” in his dorm as a 19-year-old Harvard student is pop culture lore, and was dramatized in a 2011 Aaron Sorkin film, “The Social Network.” Facebook’s IPO in 2008 made Zuckerberg, at 23, the youngest self-made billionaire in history.

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