Six Flags ending its unlimited meal plan because of exploit highlighted on TikTok

May 13, 2022, 3:10 PM UTC

Six Flags has done away with its unlimited dining pass after a series of videos appeared in the past few months on TikTok, showing people how to take advantage of the feature and obtain thousands of dollars worth of food.

Officials confirmed Thursday that the dining plan, which was an $80 add-on to the park’s season pass, had been ended as it was “highly unprofitable,” ripe for abuse, and was making the park experience worse for families who came to visit for the day.

The decision comes as TikTok personalities have bragged about eating every meal at Six Flags parks, saving them hundreds of dollars.

“The pass gives you two meals a day, one snack, and unlimited drinks, so that’s up to 400 meals and 200 snacks a year for $200,” a TikToker who goes by the alias “Six Flags Scoundrel”  told Vice last year. “We’re looking at less than 50 cents per meal, and that’s not even if I go every day. That’s the cost of two packs of ramen noodles—but we’re talking two square meals and another half meal basically. It’s just insane. The calorie-to-cost ratio is just unheard of.”

The streamer says he paid a total of $174.88 for a season pass and the food plan and was trying to get $2,000 worth of food in his experiment.

As with most things that go viral on TikTok, others tried to do the same. And, ultimately, says Six Flags CEO Selim Bassoul, it not only cost the company money, but resulted in clogged lines at food service locations, which upset other guests.

“They ruin the experience for somebody who came in on a single-day ticket with their family…who paid a lot of money to come…now they have 45 minutes to an hour to wait to get a meal while those other people are choking up the line for $80 for the whole season,” he told analysts on the company’s first-quarter earnings call Thursday.

While the dining plan is gone for now, Six Flags says it will likely reintroduce a revised one in the months to come.

“We will most probably rethink whether we introduce a dining plan, a season dining plan or not or an all-exclusive, but it’s going to be completely changed from what people expect, because I want to avoid the choking points,” said Bassoul.

Six Flags also did away with its month-to-month membership plan and cut back on free tickets. Moving forward, the company hopes to attract fewer customers who spend more.

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