5 must-haves for keeping your pets healthier

January 22, 2022, 3:00 PM UTC

While puppies and kittens are born year-round, of course, the first few months of the year are especially popular for pet adoptions. And that’s only more the case these days as many new pet owners over the last two years as many people sought out animal companionship during the pandemic.

One of the most important facets of pet parenting is keeping your furry friends clean and healthy, which often go hand-in-hand. Here are a few items that will keep your pets looking and feeling their best in between grooming appointments.

Dr. Cuddles Everyday Foaming Pet Shampoo

Dry shampoo is often praised by beauty influencers and experts as a holy grail product, but that power is no longer relegated to humans alone. Dr. Cuddles, a brand that says it is focused on creating medicated cleaning and wellness products for pets, makes a dry shampoo especially for pet hair. Formulated by veterinarians, the foaming dry shampoo features natural botanicals, deodorants, and protein extract that actively soak up oil and dirt from fur to skin. SRP: $19

Jax & Cali Toothbrush Wipes

Dental care is just as important for pets as it is for humans, and yet it goes so overlooked. (And even the most diligent pet parents are most likely guilty of not brushing their animal’s teeth everyday.) It’s also not the easiest process even when a pet is most comfortable with his or her owner. But these Jax & Cali Toothbrush Wipes are the easiest tool yet for keeping your pet’s teeth clean when not having a professional groomer or vet doing the cleaning for you. SRP: $18

Wild One Grooming Wipes

Wild One, which makes minimalist but colorful leashes and harnesses for dogs, also offers a number of home grooming products. As any dog owner knows after walking their four-legged friend in the rain or snow, you need to wipe down their paws fast after getting home, but you can’t just use any household wipe to do so. Wild One’s eucalyptus grooming wipes are are hypoallergenic, biodegradable, cruelty-, paraben-, and sulfate-free, and contain no chemical detergents. Wild One says its R&D process considered hair and skin health, environmental impact, and ingredient simplicity, mimicking popular wellness and beauty brands (for humans) and eliminating superfluous softeners and cleaners. SRP: $7

Skout’s Honor Prebiotic Pet Balm

Winter is both rough and ruff. If your lips get chapped in colder climates, then so does your pet’s…as well as their nose and paws—the latter especially on sidewalks when covered in rock salt before and after it snows. The size of a regular stick of lip balm, Skout’s Honor’s prebiotic pet balm travel stick for cats and dogs provides instant relief and ongoing protection while soothing dry, itchy paws, and noses. SRP: $6 for the travel stick version; $17 for the standard two-ounce container.

Lucy & Co Compostable Waste Bag Box

This is more for keeping your streets and environment clean, but walking your dog regularly is also important to his or her health—not to mention yours, too. And while this might be an annoying expense, you can make the most of your money by purchasing waste bags that are compostable and made from plant-based materials—not to mention extra thick and leak-proof. SRP: $12 for a pack of six rolls

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