The best gifts and tools for aspiring influencers

November 26, 2021, 7:00 PM UTC

As Fortune revealed last month with its inaugural Creator 25 list, the influencer industry is an explosive one. And with 86% of young kids saying they want to create content, it looks like more and more people are trying to break into the business. 

But being a creator requires some tools for producing content. Here’s some gifts to help the aspiring influencer in your life get started. 

Sony SV-1 Camera

Courtesy of Sony

Vloggers are some of the largest creators on YouTube, inviting viewers to a glimpse of their sometimes exciting, sometimes simple everyday lives. The Sony SV-1 camera has been a staple for daily and weekly vloggers, and with its flip screen and pocket-sized dimensions, it’s the perfect camera to bring around as you document your weekly grocery shopping hauls and happy hours with friends. Suggested retail price: $700

Final Cut Pro

Courtesy of Adobe

Sure, you can edit your videos on iMovie, but sometimes you just want the production value to be a little more crisp. With a professional editing system, you can experiment with songs and sound effects, jump cuts and transitions. Final Cut Pro is what they use in the big leagues, and once you buy it once, you’ll have it forever. SRP: $300

Adobe Lightroom

Courtesy of Adobe

To curate the perfect Instagram feed, it can be helpful to have a cohesive color palette. Lightroom is a tool that’ll allow you to adjust brightness, shadows and saturation to bring more life to your photos. They also offer built in presets or allow you to make your own, which many influencers end up doing. SRP: $10 per month

A tripod

Courtesy of UBeesize Store

By now, we all know that it’s entirely possible to become an influencer without a professional team behind you. But sometimes propping your phone up against somebody’s mailbox isn’t the most efficient way to get a photo for your feed. When it’s time to take an outfit picture but nobody’s around, a tripod will do the trick. This one from UBeesize also comes with a ring light, so that the lighting can be perfect for indoor or outdoor shoots. SRP: $34

Aesthetic cookware for aesthetic meals

Courtesy of From Our Place

Designed to replace eight pieces of cookware, including a steamer and saucepan, the Always Pan from Our Place has been the star of many influencer kitchens. It comes in colors like sage green and lavender and will have viewers flooding the comments of your latest recipe uploads. SRP: $145

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