Send questions to Work Space, our advice column for your tough work challenges

April 12, 2021, 2:10 PM UTC

Fortune’s Work Space is back! Our resident advice columnist, Jennifer Mizgata, will be sharing strategies, frameworks, and practical solutions to help you navigate the tough work situations that keep you up at night. 

A program director and impact investor, Jennifer has been dedicated to improving systems and solving complex problems, strategically and tactically. She’s created industry-changing training programs focused on managing organizational change, giving hundreds of people practical ways to be better advocates for themselves and their projects. She regularly coaches managers, senior leaders, and entrepreneurs on challenges related to their careers and launching new ventures. With years of experience investing in innovative projects and emerging talent, she understands both business objectives and crucial human dynamics. Her background in design strategy means she’s focused on the motivations behind people’s behavior when developing solutions. And decades of experience navigating workspaces that range from international bureaucracies to small organizations that are “building the plane while they’re flying it” gives her a lot of perspective on a range of tough challenges. 

Every month, she’ll be doing a deep dive into career questions to help you solve a problem or learn a skill. While you’re the expert in your own experience, sometimes it can be critical to get an outside perspective to help push through a problem you’re dealing with. You’ll get tools to help you reflect on where you can change how you’re approaching a situation, frameworks to test out with your team or clients, and when needed, tips on how to recognize toxic work environments and behaviors that you should just get away from. You can’t change other people, but you can change how you approach problems.

That’s where Work Space can be helpful: Think of it like getting good advice from a work friend over coffee, from someone who is great at giving you similar but different situations to help you think through it in a new way and suggestions to help you figure out a game plan. You’ll hear from innovative business leaders, get real-life examples from managers in a range of industries, and discover helpful things to add to your personal reading list if you’re looking to go even deeper. You’ll get tips on how to lead in your style, whether you’re managing people or projects, or you just want to take the lead on your career and your professional development.  

Last season, readers came to us with unexpected questions, from what to do about people parading pedigree dogs through the office to how to manage the tension between an overeager junior employee and micromanaging executive leadership. Jennifer shared practical advice on how middle managers can manage up, down and still get things done; approaching difficult conversations when your coworkers drive you crazy; how freelancers can pivot when work is drying up; tactics for stopping mansplaining; why it’s important to know your communication style; strategies for taking over from a checked-out boss and, perhaps our favorite of all, a guide to how to write a professional bio that reflects who you are and where you want to be in your career. 

We’re looking for questions from readers—like you—who want an outside perspective on a work challenge. Email your questions to And subscribe to Fortune if you haven’t yet, since this column is only for subscribers!

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