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The best Twitter accounts to follow for reliable information on the coronavirus outbreak

March 14, 2020, 4:00 PM UTC

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In the face of a global pandemic like the coronavirus, one of the best defenses is staying armed with information. Misinformation is spreading quickly and easily as the world faces all the anxiety around COVID-19. That makes it hard to decipher what is real and what is fake, particularly on social media, where most Americans get at least some of their news.

Fortune compiled a Twitter list of trusted public health officials, epidemiologists, virus experts, family doctors, and others for you to follow.

Many accounts, like Dr. David Juurlink, are sharing their own experiences in the field treating coronavirus patients and giving advice for the best ways individuals can act to stop its spread.

Some share helpful graphics that explain the spread of the virus across continents.

And others post messages refuting the spread of misinformation and pseudoscience.

Additionally, Fortune‘s “Coronavirus updates” list includes several government offices and officials sharing communications on behalf of their country or state’s health departments.

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Subscribe to Fortune’s Outbreak newsletter for a daily roundup of stories on the coronavirus outbreak and its impact on global business.