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Moby’s Latest Album Is Currently Exclusive to Meditation App ‘Calm’

Meditation app Calm is breaking into album exclusives.

Pioneered by the likes of Tidal, Calm is taking album exclusives to the world of meditation too. Moby’s new album, which dropped over the weekend, is available exclusively on Calm for the first 30 days.

The album, entitled Long Ambients 2, was released in conjunction with World Sleep Day, and is a followup to Moby’s 2016 album, Long Ambients 1: Calm. Sleep. This time around, the six tracks each run above the 35-minute mark, and are designed to help people relax and sleep.

“I originally made these songs for myself because I couldn’t find this type of music anywhere,” Moby explained. “Long Ambients 2 was designed to help me sleep and to help other people find calm and maybe get a good night’s sleep. I hope to share it with other people who have sleep issues or battle anxiety or have a hard time calming themselves down.”

The album will be featured in Calm’s music section, which already contains around 200 tracks that are designed to help people sleep, focus, or relax, among other aims. After the 30-day exclusive, Long Ambients 2 will available on other streaming and download services.

While this may be the first album from a major artist to be released on an app like Calm, Moby himself is no stranger to unique partnerships. Long Ambients 1 was released for free in partnership with WeTransfer.