Samsung Will Start Using More Sustainable Packaging

January 27, 2019, 9:51 PM UTC

Samsung announced Sunday that it will start using eco-friendly materials to replace plastic packaging materials.

The company said it will replace the plastic packaging currently used for products and accessories like phones and tablets with materials such as recycled/bio-based plastics and paper during the start of 2019.

“To revamp product packaging, Samsung Electronics has formed a task force involving design and development, purchasing, marketing and quality control for innovative packaging ideas,” Samsung said in a statement.

Samsung also said the plastic bags used to shield their bigger products like TVs and refrigerators will be replaced with “bags containing recycled materials and bioplastics, which are respectively made from plastic wastes and non-fossil fuel materials like starch or sugar cane.”

The head of Samsung’s Global Customer Satisfaction Center, Gyeong-bin Jeon, said the company is working to minimize waste, while it acknowledges “society’s environmental issues such as resource depletion and plastic wastes.”

The company pledged in its statement that it will use 500,000 tons of recycled plastics and will collect 7.5 tons of discarded products by 2030.