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Google Chromecast Finally Back on Amazon’s Shelves (Timed Perfectly for Stuffing Stockings)

Holiday shoppers who want to gift a Chromecast can buy them on Amazon, one year after the e-commerce giant said it would resume selling the Google devices.

The device plugs into your TV with an HDMI connection, and using an app on your phone (or the Google Chrome browser on your laptop), Chromecast streams directly to televisions via WiFi.

Chromecast partners with dozens of streaming entertainment companies, including Netflix and Hulu. Who is missing from that list? Amazon Prime, which is why Amazon stopped selling Chromecast in 2015.

Amazon promised to start selling Chromecast again in 2017, but according to Android Police, the listings for Google’s streaming devices read “currently unavailable” until now.

The corporate spat dragged on because of an ongoing debate over the lack of YouTube on Amazon’s Echo Show and Fire streaming devices. Google pulled YouTube from Amazon’s products last year as a retaliation for Amazon’s lack of support for its devices. The Echo Show can compromise with the browser version, but Youtube is still missing from Amazon’s Fire TV.

Finally, however, Google’s Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra are available on Amazon for $35 or $69 respectively, with Amazon Prime shipping as an option. Perhaps a truce is on the horizon.