Chobani’s Says Its New Products—Which Are Similar to Existing Ones—Will ‘Disrupt’ the Kid’s Yogurt Market

November 30, 2018, 10:05 PM UTC

Borrowing one of Silicon Valley’s favorite buzzwords, Chobani says that it’s new product is going to “disrupt” the yogurt industry. The company announced a new line called Gimmies on Thursday that focuses on a market segment it hadn’t focussed on before: children.

Chobani’s chief marketing and commercial officer Peter McGuinness told CNN that kids are currently a “billion-and-a-half dollar market in yogurt,” according to data from Nielsen and SPINSScan Natural, he thinks that segment can grow to $2.5 billion with the right product.

Though many of Gimmies’ offerings are reminiscent of yogurt snacks that are either currently on sale or included in top 90’s snack nostalgia listicles—its packaging is reminiscent of Go-GURT packets, Crunch harks back to Sprinkl-ins, and Milkshakes or Pouches are similar to some Danimals products—Chobani founder and CEO Hamdi Ulukaya told CNN in a statement that the company “wanted to break that cycle” of kids having to choose sugary, artificially flavored yogurt snacks over milder adult flavors.

Gimmies does’t use artificial flavors or modified ingredients in any of its 13 flavors, which include: Poppin’ Cotton Candy, Ooey Gooey S’More, and Choco Chunk Cookie Dunk. Although some are questioning whether yogurt is a healthy snack for children, anyway.

Chobani responded to the critique in a tweet noting Gimmies was still a healthier option than other snacks, especially considering its lack of artificial flavoring and low sugar.

“Parents told us, ‘I need [kids] on board. I need them to ask for it and want it, because otherwise it’s a negotiation and they’ll end up picking something else,'” McGuinness told Food Dive. “There really hasn’t been [a creative, comprehensive approach] so we’re very excited to disrupt a kids’ yogurt category, if you will, and bring some excitement.”

And the line could pay off. Although Yoplait topped the yogurt market when it created its megahit Go-GURT, it fell after Chobani—famous for its Greek yogurt—came onto the scene.

And many adults have tweeted about wanting a Go-GURT-like Chobani for years.

Although adults can eat Gimmies, Food Dive says the line is intended for children ages 6 to 9.