Some Amazon Customers Had Their Names and Emails Exposed

November 21, 2018, 6:09 PM UTC

Amazon emailed some customers on Wednesday morning to inform them that their names and email addresses were “inadvertently disclosed” publicly on its website due to a “technical error.”

Several people shared images of the email they received from Amazon on social media Wednesday morning. One user questioned the company’s decision not to provide more information, adding that they are now “likely to be victims of phishing scams.” It’s unclear how many people were affected and where, but Twitter users in the U.S. and Europe shared their emails on Twitter.

The company told customers the issue had been fixed, but declined to provide further details about the issue.

The only way for customers to know if their information was leaked is if they received the above brief email from Amazon. Despite users’ information being made public, the company told customers there was no need to change their passwords or “take any other action.”

In a statement to Fortune, a spokesperson for the e-commerce website said, “We have fixed the issue and informed customers who may have been impacted.” The company added, “This was not a breach of our website or any of our systems. Our website inadvertently disclosed email addresses and names due to a technical error that has been fixed. We emailed customers out of an abundance of caution to let them know their name and email address was disclosed.”