Jimmy Fallon’s Taking Over Telling Jokes for Amazon’s Alexa This Month

November 13, 2018, 8:18 PM UTC

If you thought that Amazon’s biggest news this week was the selection of New York City and Arlington, Virginia for its new headquarters, you’d be… absolutely correct.

Coming in a (not quite) close second, however, was Jimmy Fallon’s announcement on the Tonight Show Monday that, “For the first time ever, [Amazon is] using a voice other than Alexa’s to tell you a joke—and that voice is me.”

Although an Amazon spokesperson told Fortune that “none of the jokes involve singing”—we had to ask—”for the coming weeks” Echo users will be able to swap out Alexa’s voice for Fallon’s to hear jokes the late-night host wrote alongside Tonight Show staff writers.

And based on the previewed jokes, Fallon will certainly be serving users a heaping side of corny humor alongside their holiday meals.

(For example: “What does a turkey say after you eat his leg? Gobble Wobble.”)

Unimpressed? Fear not.

Alexa, which CNet reports told more than 100 million jokes in 2018, assures users, “If you ever miss me, you can just say ‘I miss your jokes'” and she’ll return.

This isn’t the first smart home device to enlist a celebrity to voice its virtual assistant. In May, Google announced its plans to add singer John Legend to its roster of voices.

But Amazon hasn’t announced if Fallon’s limited Echo engagement will kick off a series of celebrity residencies. Said the spokesperson, “As far as other celebrity voice experiences, we currently don’t have anything new to share.”