Watch the First 8k Video Shot in Space From the International Space Station

November 5, 2018, 7:48 PM UTC

Chances are good you don’t have a device on hand to view it at full resolution, but today NASA showed off what it claims to be the first 8k video ever shot in space.

While most of us are still trailing behind with 4k televisions or sets with a likely much lower resolution, NASA sent a Helium RED 8k ultra high definition (UHD) camera to the International Space Station to capture some amazing videos.

“This new footage showcases the story of human spaceflight in more vivid detail than ever before,” said Dylan Mathis, communications manager for the International Space Station Program at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston said in a statement. “The world of camera technology continues to progress, and seeing our planet in high fidelity is always welcome. We’re excited to see what imagery comes down in the future.”

The video was actually captured with the camera in April. However, it was only recently made into a video montage in order to honor the anniversary of the ISS launch and human habitation of the spacecraft, both of which occurred in early November.

“We’re excited to embrace new technology that improves our ability to engage our audiences in space station research,” said David Brady, assistant program scientist for the International Space Station Program Science Office at Johnson. “Each improvement in imagery fidelity brings that person on Earth closer to the in-space experience, allowing them to see what human spaceflight is doing to improve their lives, as well as enable humanity to explore the universe.”

The same type of camera used to capture the footage has also been used in a number of cinematic releases, including the Hobbit trilogy and Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.