Uber Now Offers Free College Tuition for Its Top Drivers, But There’s a Catch

November 2, 2018, 6:55 PM UTC

Picking up a lot of rides as an Uber driver can now net you a free college education. The ride-sharing company is offering free college tuition for some of its top drivers through a new Uber Pro program. The program, which rolls out today in select markets, also offers discounts on car maintenance and cash back on fuel purchases.

Like most things, there are a few caveats to the Uber Pro program. Specifically, the free college tuition deal only applies to tuition at Arizona State University. Fuel purchases eligible for cash back have to be made using an Uber Visa card, and the company’s 25% on car maintenance cost deal only works at shops the company approves.

In order to be part of Uber Pro, a driver will need to have maintained a customer rating of 4.85 or above. Drivers in the pilot cities of Seattle, Chicago, New Orleans, New Jersey, Orlando, Tampa, Phoenix, and Denver who meet that threshold are automatically enrolled.

If a driver drops below that rating number they will have a chance to raise it before getting removed from the program. However, if a driver’s rating ever drops below 4.75 they will no longer be able to participate.

That free college deal also doesn’t work right out of the gate. The Uber Pro program works on a points system. Drivers earn points with each completed ride, and those points can be redeemed for offers, including that free tuition deal.

Classes from Arizona State can be taken online, so they can work within a driver’s schedule. The tuition deal can also be gifted to a family member like a spouse or child; however, Uber will only sponsor one person per driver.