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WeWork NYC Will No Longer Offer Members Unlimited Free Beer

WeWork is cutting back on the amount of free beer it offers its members at locations in New York City as it battles a sexual assault lawsuit that hinges in part on alcohol consumption.

Previously, WeWork NYC offered all its members unlimited beer. Now, its office dwellers will be limited to four 12 oz. beers daily, CNN reports. In order to get the brew, members will have to swipe their building key card on the so-called kegerator. When their daily limit is met, they’ll no longer be able to pour any more.

Tap access will also be limited. WeWork spaces will only allow beer to be poured between 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. For now, the restricted access is being done on a trial basis in New York City. After 30 to 90 days, the company will evaluate whether to continue the restrictions and whether it would like to add tap controls to kegerators at other locations as well.

The change comes in the wake of allegations made earlier this month by a former WeWork employee, who is female, of sexual assault by a male employee. The woman said she was sexually assaulted at two WeWork company events and ultimately fired for reporting the assault; in both instances, the male employee in question claimed to be “too drunk” to remember the incident.

In an emailed statement, WeWork said the change in policy for its beer was not made in response to the lawsuit.

“WeWork has been working on piloting an innovative, software-driven mechanism to help manage the provision of alcohol in our spaces for some time,” a spokeswoman said. “In addition to the supervision already provided by our Community Management team, mechanized tap controls will enhance this amenity we provide to our members.”

Headquartered in New York City, WeWork currently operates 287 different offices in 77 cities around the globe.

Clarification, November 1, 2018: The headline and text of this article have been adjusted to make the timeline of events clearer.